About Us

Who are we, and what do we do?

RICELab (Rethinking Interaction, Collaboration and Engagement) designs, builds, and studies novel systems for communication and collaboration. We are comprised of faculty, students and researchers interested in studying problems in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Ubiquitous Computing.

Our work focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of novel interactive technologies in a variety of contexts, and involves primarily three major types of activities: the investigation of domain-specific communication and interaction problems that have implications for new (or existing) technology; the implementation of new technologies to address needs in those domain-specific contexts, and user evaluation of interactive technologies. These major activities cut across three theme areas:

  • Digital workrooms. New technologies for collaborative activities for next generation meeting rooms, which will be comprised of large-scale interactive surfaces (walls and tables), and personal devices (tablets, mobile phones, etc.).
  • Health and wellness. As new media technologies become increasingly pervasive, there is a huge opportunity to leverage the design thinking in domestic and personal wellness applications.
  • Mobile computing. Mobile devices allow us to leverage aspects of personal context (e.g. physical location, personal activity, etc.) that can be used for the purpose of design—both for input (sensing) and output (contextually relevant).

We are a sub-lab of the larger Interactions Lab group, where we are collocated with several other groups interested in HCI, InfoVis, HRI and Design. We are all part of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Calgary located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

If you’re trying to visit, we have directions that you can follow to get here.