Shared Reflection for Personal Informatics (04/07/17)

The paper that Lisa Graham recently presented at GROUP 2016 was the culmination of her MSc work. I’m really proud of her work on that project, because it was a very difficult study to run, but she was nevertheless able to complete the study and analyze the data with an interesting set of results.

FICTION - A Universe where Researchers are Tradeable Assets (03/05/17)

This is a piece of fiction based off a news article about a trade in professional sports.

Luck in My Career (02/19/17)

I was inspired a few days ago by Dan Cosley’s post about the impact of luck on his getting tenure. Reading it made me reflect on a number of random “chance events,” that have ultimately guided my career in some fairly profound ways. I do tend to agree with Randy Pausch’s notion that luck is preparation meets opportunity, but I do still feel like sometimes, those opportunities just feel crazy random.

Values in Technology Design (12/15/16)

A colleague recently wrote me to ask me about my opinion of an article about the design of mobile technologies, and how they seem very addictive.

I originally wrote this for him in an email, so the tone is fairly casual. But, I figure I probably won’t try to sit down to figure out how to word it better, so here it is verbatim.

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