Visual Interaction Cues in Video Games for AR (03/20/18)

Video games use a visual language for guiding players through the virtual worlds that they embody. For example, a player might see a blinking arrow to tell him/her which way to move his/her avatar through the game – something we call a visual interaction cue. This paper attempted to document this visual language, categorizing the different purposes these cues are designed for, how they are presented within a video game, and also how they are activated. Our idea was to use this to inspire designs for new augmented reality systems as they become more popular.

Perspective and Object Manipulation in Remote Collaboration (03/20/18)

For a while now, we have been chasing down a research thread about remote collaboration – scenarios where one person is trying to help someone else out through a video chat link. One of the things we found problematic is that the helper cannot actually do a good job of saying to the other person, “Hey, you need to be looking at it from this angle, like this.” What if you could change your friend’s viewing angle on the object? This project explored that possibility through a study, demonstrating that a shared perspective (as opposed to the “opposing perspective” that is offered by conventional video chat tools) on the space is important.

Git as Tony Understands it (11/10/17)

There exist a lot of git tutorials on the web. Atlassian’s git tutorials are thorough and useful.

Ephemerality and Context - Ethical Dilemmas in Online Research (06/17/17)

I recently attended REBWest 2017, a small regional conference focused on research ethics. I got the opportunity to sit on a panel with Peter Chow-White, and we talked about how social media research introduces new challenges for research ethics. This post is a primer on my talk, which was entitled “Ephemerality and Context: Ethical Dilemmas in Online Research.”

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