Health Visualizations at Home: Who Sees What Where

Bon Adriel Aseniero, Anthony Tang, and Sheelagh Carpendale. (2018). Health Visualizations at Home: Who Sees What Where. In Poster Program of IEEE VIS 2018, 2.


We conducted a qualitative study pilot to gather requirements for integrating health visualizations at home. We focused on finding dynamics between (1) people: who the visualizations are made for, and others who will see them; (2) visualization: what visual repre- sentations people expect for their homes; and (3) location: where people expect to find the visualizations. We describe our study methodology and the results. We found hints of concepts for con- sideration such as (1) privacy can be derived from visualization style, (2) visualizations can be installed at high traffic locations but data sensitivity should be considered, and (3) location of related tools at home can influence where visualizations should be located.


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