Body as a Workspace: Design for Remote Physiotherapy

Kody Dillman and Anthony Tang. (2015). Body as a Workspace: Design for Remote Physiotherapy. Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary.


Many common injuries can be treated effectively with physiotherapy, but accessing this treatment is difficult for those in rural locations. We seek to design video-based systems to support remote physiotherapy, so patients can access and engage with therapy and a professional from their homes. We conducted design sessions with practicing physiotherapists to iteratively design and build technology sketches to understand communication challenges and practices for remote therapy. Our analysis of these sessions reveals new challenges in designing video media space tools for telerehabilitation. Chief among these lessons: supporting body-based communication between therapist and patient is challenging because the object of conversation is the patient’s body rather than an external object that can be manipulated.


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Physiotherapy, remote collaboration, telerehabilitation


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