Visualizing Reader-Created Tags for Books on GoodReads

Oreoluwa Arowobusoye, Tina Thanh Huynh, and Anthony Tang. (2017). Visualizing Reader-Created Tags for Books on GoodReads. In Poster Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2017. Notes: 2-page abstract + poster.


This project focuses on the question of how to design a visualization that reveals underlying relationships between books (i.e. texts) based on user-generated tags as they relate to these books. The core problem the project addresses is that main mechanisms to classify texts–either based on literary classifications or text-analytics-based classifications are either too high-level, or too low-level. Rather, a perhaps more valuable way to explore relationships between texts is to use reader-generated tags. Here, we make use of data scraped from GoodReads, a social media site where the principal artefact under discussion is a book, and accumulated book reviews. In particular, we visualize the "bookshelves" each book is classified with (these "bookshelves" are user-generated tags), and we present two sets of visualizations that allow prospective readers with the ability to compare the thematic differences between different books.


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