User-Defined Gestures for Holographic Medical Analytics

Tran Pham and Anthony Tang. (2017). User-Defined Gestures for Holographic Medical Analytics. In Poster Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2017. Notes: 2-page abstract + poster.


Advancements in augmented reality hardware help are helping to make the idea of “physically” interacting with 3D volumentric scans into a reality. In this poster, we explore how medical practitioners and technicians can explore and study 3D volumentric scans with head-mounted augmented reality technologies. We explore specifically how to design gestures for interacting with volumetric data given head-mounted AR. To inform this exploration, we designed and conducted a preliminary elicitation study, where eight participants created gestures to target resulting changes in the scene based on their expectation of how a working system would behave. Based on these gestures, we discuss how future gesture designers for head-mounted AR tools should explore interaction with 3D volumetric data.


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