Surface use in meeting room collaboration

Anthony Tang. (2006). Surface use in meeting room collaboration. In Conference Companion of the 2006 20th Anniversary Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 43–44.


Although we can now augment meeting rooms with large-format digital displays (e.g. digital whiteboards or tabletops), successful deployment of groupware tools for such environments has been limited. I believe this problem stems from a poor understanding of how teams make use of traditional meeting room surfaces (e.g. whiteboards, walls, tables) in collaboration; as a consequence, our large display groupware applications do not always reflect the general expectations users have of large displays, which replace traditional, non-digital meeting room surfaces. My research develops a framework for understanding how meeting room surfaces are used collaboratively, thereby providing insight into application design for digital display surfaces in meeting rooms.


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Large display groupware, meeting room collaboration


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