Awesome people of RICELab

Current Members

Tony Tang


Bon Adriel Aseniero

PhD Student

Teddy Seyed

PhD Student (2014-)
Multi-Surface Environments

Brennan Jones

PhD Student (2017-), MSc (2015-16), RA, 502 Researcher (2014-)
Drone-Based Videoconferencing, Mobile Videoconferencing

Kody Dillman

MSc Student, RA, 502 Researcher (2012-)
Collaborative AR


Omid Fakourfar

MSc Student (2014-2016)
AR videochat, 360 videochat

Xing-Dong Yang

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2014)
Physio@Home, CipherCard

Hesam Alizadeh

MSc Student (2013-2016)
HappyFeet - Remote Exercise

Anna Witcraft

MSc Student (incomplete) (2014-2016)
Family Communication

Lisa Graham

MSc Student (2012-2016)
Personal Informatics

Richard Tang

MSc Student, RA (2012-2016)

Waliur Rahman

MSc Student (2013-2015)
Chronic Headaches

Rojin Vishkaie

PhD Student (2012-2014)
Interactive Media for Design Review

Matthew Dunlap

MSc Student (2011-2013)
Citizen Science through Geocaching

Scott Bateman

Visiting Professor (2013)
Physio@Home, Mobile Video Conferencing

Maayan Cohen

Visiting Researcher (2013-14)
OneSpace, Eye Can Touch

Haley MacLeod

Research Assistant (2012-2013)
Personal Informatics, OneSpace

Frederico Schardong

Research Assistant (2013)
Collaboration in Tracked Environments

Martin Weigel

Visiting Researcher (2012)

Kevin Ta

NSERC USRA, Undergrad Researcher (502 Project) (2015-2016)
Collaborative AR

Peter Buk

Undergrad Researcher (502 Project) (2015-2016)
Collaborative AR

Josh Gelinas

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2013)
Non-Tangible Exergame Controls

Michael Nguyen

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2013)
Interactive Parallel Coordinate Plots

Constantine Vlahos

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2013)
Digital Avatars with Facial Expressions

Nolan Hanna

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2013)
Gamifying the Annotation of Physical Spaces

Ksenia Rubin

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2012)
Transient Factors in Diet Choices

Riane Vardeleon

Undergrad Researcher (2012)
Proximity Toolkit

Stephen Armstrong

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2012)
Twitter During Live Sporting Events

Anthony Tam

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2011)
Visualizing Patterns of Keyboard Use

Alex Chan

Undergrad Researcher (503 Project) (2011)
Reflecting on Everyday Exercise