Bon Adriel Aseniero

PhD Student

I am currently an PhD student at the Interactions Lab (iLab), University of Calgary. I am a member of the Innovations in Visualization Lab (InnoVis), supervised by Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale and Dr. Anthony Tang. My research topic is in the intersection of Information Visualization (InfoVis), Personal Informatics, and Human–Computer Interaction (HCI). I have also done research in augmented reality under Dr. Ehud Sharlin in the past. I have received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science: Human–Computer Interaction, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science: Information Visualization.

I create interactive visualizations, focusing on visualizing personally relevant data such as personal health and activities (Aseniero, Tang, & Carpendale, 2014), to engage people in personal health awareness (Huang, Tory, Aseniero, Bartram, Bateman, Carpendale, Tang, & Woodbury, 2015; Aseniero, Carpendale, & Tang, 2012). This involves investigating how visualizations can be designed such that they are aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and easily accessible (Aseniero, Wun, Ledo, Ruhe, Tang, & Carpendale, 2015; Ledo, Aseniero, Greenberg, Boring, & Tang, 2013; Ledo, Aseniero, Boring, Greenberg, & Tang, 2013). My work often involves aspects of visual and interaction design, and qualitative data analysis, in addition to my computer science background.

My hobbies are Drawing, Amateur Photography, Singing, Online Gaming, Filming & Video Editing, Graphic Design, & Blogging. I also have an interest in the Visual Arts, Fashion & Entertainment, Digital Devices, Robots, and Languages.

Visit me on the web at my personal website.


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