Omid Fakourfar

MSc Student

I am currently an MSc student at the Interactions Lab (iLab), University of Calgary. I am a member of RICELab group, supervised by Dr. Anthony Tang. Prior to that, I got my BSc degree in Information Technology at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) in Iran (AUT). My research topic lies in the intersection of Mobile Video Conferencing, Augmented Reality and Remote Assistance.

For my thesis, we have designed, implemented and evaluated handheld and wearable prototypes for remote assistance tasks. In these prototypes the remote expert person would be able to freely draw augmented reality annotations atop the workers’ view to give them instructions on how to complete specific tasks. The results of our studies is submitted to CHI 2016. I’m particularly interested in designing and running user studies, and qualitative analysis of user behaviors.

My hobbies are Hiking, Amateur Photography, Video Gaming and Driving. More recently, I am becoming curious about Information Architecture, the design and evaluation of information environments (such as websites) to support usability.