Exploring Physical Visualization

Jennifer Payne, Jason Johnson, and Anthony Tang. (2015). Exploring Physical Visualization. In Exploring the Challenges of Making Data Physical - Workshop at CHI 2015.


Physical visualization has been demonstrated to be more efficient than on-screen representation for information visualization tasks [5]. In addition, it has been suggested that physical visualization might be particularly memorable or engaging [12], but this has yet to be explored empirically. This paper describes a potential evaluative study that would explore differences between flat, on-screen bar graphs and extruded bar graphs, a simple form of physical visualization. Specifically, memorability of information, user engagement, accuracy and efficiency of information retrieval using physical and on-screen graphs would be compared. Broader challenges and possibilities for the evaluation of physical visualization are discussed.


PDF File (http://hcitang.org/papers/2015-chi2015workshop-physvis.pdf)
URL (http://www.scc.lancs.ac.uk/physicaldata2015/)


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