Undergraduate Research Projects

Potential 502/503 Ideas

I am interested in supervising and advising CPSC 502/503 undergrad research projects. Please visit the join us page if you are interested.

  • Multi-Camera Video Conferencing Environment. Multiple cameras streaming from one location, detecting when there is presence in one of them, and switches the feed to the appropriate camera based on simple metrics. Design, build and then run study on this system. Deploy in home.
  • Mobile Camera Work. Explore methods for supporting video conferencing using mobile devices (fixed, multiple displays, etc.)
  • Sandbox Games. Design and run a study that explores the different uses of sandbox games. Articulate new design requirements for games that aim to provide sandbox-like capabilities.
  • Personal Visualizations. Visualization of personal information for seeking out patterns and supporting reflection/understanding. Potential areas of interest: photo data, personal orientation data, etc.

  • Something you suggest…